More secure with LoggaTi®

LoggaTi® is the intuitive and secure patented system for tracking access to public premises.

The system guarantees compliance with the anti-Covid regulations in force, protection of customer privacy and instant management of electronic data

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How it works
Manager registration and QR Code Generation

Manager registration in a few clicks, generating a QR Code

Sharing the QR Code

The manager prints and shares the QR Code through their usual communication channels: website, social network, posters, menus, etc.

Customer registration and phone number verification

The customer enters their data and verifies their mobile phone number through a text message

Check-in at the venue via QR Code

The customer scans the QR Code at the entrance to the venue and registers at the venue

Why choose Loggati?®
Straightforward for the owner, speedy for the customer

The owner registers their premises on LOGGATI ® and creates the QR Code. The customer then enters their data, scans their QR Code and their entry to the venue is recorded.


The availability of a Webapp version enables access without any need to install an application, maximum compatibility with mobile devices, continuous updates

Phone number validation

The customer's phone number is validated immediately upon registration through a text message code

Hygiene and safety

With LOGGATI® no pens, notebooks, etc. are shared, thus avoiding mixed use and ensuring customer safety

Privacy Protection

Customer data is stored for 14 days on our servers in Switzerland and it's used only for the purposes expressly required by law

Instant data management

Access data is immediately available on the owner's dashboard The system eliminates errors resulting from manual data collection and processing


LOGGATI ® adapts easily to suit the requirements of different types of business, thanks to customized services and scalability on demand.

For example, in the transport sector it is possible to add the carriage/bus number, departure time etc. In the case of sporting events, the sector number or assigned seat number can be included.


Catering Sector


Leisure venues

Sporting events




Choose your preferred package and start using LOGGATI ® for your premises: you have 30 days' free trial!





Valid for 3 months
Total: CHF 70






Valid for 6 months
Total: CHF 130






Valid for 12 months
Total: CHF 240

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